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Way Wipers

The cleanup crew on guideways

way wipersWay wipers are essential to keep the guideways in a proper functional state, and thus to keep the machine tool permanently in operation.

Way wipers in a modular system – the clever solution

The most economical alternative to cast wiper


>> Temperature range -40 °C to 100 °C
>> Support material: Aluminium
>> Wiper lip material: Polyurethane
>> Largely resistant to oils, greases, alkalis and water
>> Pretension approx. 2 mm
>> Replaceable wiper lip
>> Standard length of bar material:1000 mm

Dimensions and Types

Type GA

Way wipers of this type are used mainly in those cases where installation conditions are restrictive, or where the wipers are additionally protected by means of a telescopic cover, a bellows, a link apron cover, or where no chips occur.

way wipers type GA

Type GAS

In this type series, the light metal support provides protection for the wiper lip. It is used primarily in the case of direct incidence of chips (no hot chips).

way wipers type GAS

G1 and G2

Steel Casing + Polyurethane Lip :

These are the best Way Wipers available. They have total PU Lip protection due to Steel Casing ( Frame ). The Steel casing can be Drilled to suit yours specific needs & easily fitted to the moving slide / table. These Way Wipers are available in standard lengths of 530 mm.

G1 and G2 steel casing + polyurethane lip