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Telescopic Cover

Telescopic covers are generally produced from cold-rolled uncoated thin plates in thicknesses from 1 to 3 mm.

technical design of telescopic cover Wherever guideways on machines have to be protected, we have a suitable solution. Our guideway protections systems boast a high degree of operational reliability, a long service life, and make use of innovative technical solutions in vertical & cross rail application.

GUJAR INDUSTRIES Telescopic covers are sturdy, most durable & designed with easily replaceable highly anti wear polyurethane & synthetic rubber wipers, dampers, phospher bronze / engineering plastic guide shoes

Wiper systems in various designs for fast-running telescopic covers

>> Rollers / sliders
>> Lifting element
>> Locking system
>> Synchronising device (harnesses)


Machine tools come in a wide variety of designs. That is why a modern lathe needs another type of telescopic cover than, for example, a large bed-type milling machine.The following designs provide an overview of typical designs.

Flat Shape Telescopic Cover

The U-shaped design is generally used in a horizontal, lying position for milling table guides. With this design the maximum width of the telescopic cover should be limited to 1.5 m.

flat shape telescopic cover

Roof Shape Telescopic Cover

This design is always advisable when cooling lubricants are used. The inclined surface allows the water – and naturally also the chips – to run off more easily. With large covers (> 3 m width) for reasons of stability, etc. at least three roof angles should be provided.

roof shape telescopic cover

Flattened Roof Shape Telescopic Cover

The flattened roof shape is a special construction method with two roof angles. Primarily for dry operation and widths > 3 m.

flattened roof shape telescopic cover

Telescopic Cover with Shape incline to one side

The shape with incline to one side has a special roof shape. Depending on the possible incline, covers can be constructed with widths of up to 1.5 m. This shape is likewise a recommended solution when large amounts of coolant are present. Depending on the angle of incline, this form also helps to discharge coolants / chips.

telescopic cover with shape inclined to one side

Vertically Installed Telescopic Cover

Standing covers are used on larger machine tools, mostly in the area above and below the cross beam. They can take many different shapes.

vertically installed telescopic cover

Blind Telescopic Cover

With blind telescopic covers, the cover plates move in separate guide rails, each of which is mounted on the machine at the sides. It is used exclusively in a vertical arrangement. The guide rails are generally made of brass.

blind telescopic cover

Cross-Beam Telescopic Cover

These covers are predominantly used on large gantry machine tools on a cross beam to the left and right of the support. The boxes are suspended vertically and protect the support guides from chips and cooling lubricants.

cross beam telescopic cover

Tubular cover, polygonal cover

Tubular covers or covering shafts, spindles, etc. They can be made either with a round or a polygonal shape.


Dual-Axis covers are typically moving behind the tables and under the spindle when space is limited. This design is limited to 3 boxes unless guide rails are used, and must be flat design for this style of cover.

cross beam telescopic cover

Damping Elements for Compression

Damping elements that only work during expansion requirean additional element for compression. Here simple rubberbuffers mounted at an appropriate point on the rear wallhave proven themselves over many years.

damping elements for compression

Telescopic Covers Wipers


>> G2 is designed for minimal coverextension/compression lengths
>> Replaceable wiper lips
>> Minimal horizontal space required
>> Also available with a rubber profile vulcanized on the profiled support (shown), for optimum damping properties at high traverse speeds

telescopic covers wipers G2


A specially-milled steel plate profile is spot-welded to the boxes and a PUR wiper lip is inserted.
Necessary calculated distance of the cover plates 3.5 to 5.5 mm.

telescopic covers wipers G3


These wipers consist of an NBR profile vulcanized onto a steel strip.
Necessary calculated distance of the cover plates 2.5 to 3.5 mm.

telescopic covers wipers G4

Plastic Rollers

Gentle rolling on the guideway

>> For low travel speeds

plastic rollers

Steel Rollers

For high support loads

>> For high travel speeds

steel rollers

Plastic Sliders

Good sliding characteristics on the guideway

>> For high travel speeds
>> Can also be used for linear guides

plastic sliders