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Bellow Cover

bellow coverGUJAR INDUSTRIES bellows are used on all kinds of machine to provide protection for guideway sand spindles, in those cases where no hot chips are present and accessibility is not are quirement. Bellows can be individually produced from a range of different materials, depending on your specific requirements.

Machine tools come in a wide variety of designs. That is why a modern lathe needs another type of telescopic cover than, for example, a large bed-type milling machine.The following designs provide an overview of typical designs.


>> Simple installation
>> High travel speed
>> Minimal compression
>> High quality


U-bellows design

>> Variable dimensions
>> Customized in the guide
>> Economically priced

u-bellow design

Box bellows design

>> Covering for movable machine elements
>> High form stability

box bellow design

U-bellows design with lamellas

>> Reliable protection against heavy chip generation
>> Rust-resistant and acid-resistant telescopic plates
>> Can be made coolant-proof upon request
>> Rigid or movable design of the telescopic plates is possible

u-bellow design with lamellas


GUJAR INDUSTRIES Polygon Bellows are constructed by using P.U. coated fabric available in 4-6-8 angles . Polygonal Bellows in split form with velcro / tiny press buttons are most popular because it can be mounted without dismentling the mating part & saves valuable down time.

polygon bellow covers